A collection of links to posts I have done on Photoshop techniques I use for my images.

Processing for Birds – Topaz Denoise AI

There seems to be a lot of noise on the internet about a new noise reduction package using AI (Artificial Intelligence), developed by Topaz Labs called, wait for it… more

Processing for Birds – Revised Workflow for Noise Reduction using Neat Image

Whether you’ve skipped the above and headed straight to this point or managed to wade through the above, welcome to my Revised Workflow for noise reduction using NeatImagemore

Processing for Birds – Web Images

I first describe my workflow for processing images for posting on the web in 2010. I posted my first revised workflow in November 2017.
Since then I’ve changed a few things, so I decided that I needed to update my blog with my latest workflow, using my latest Photoshop Action, which can be downloaded… more

Processing for Birds – Removing those unwanted distractions

In a perfect bird photography world the subject would be nicely composed, well exposed and sharp with a nice out of focus background. If only that was always the case. Usually, there are distracting elements in the shot, such as these… more

Processing for Birds – Masking

Recently I was asked if I knew of a decent tutorial on Masking. I had a quick look via google but didn’t come up with anything related to bird photography Post Processing (Actually I didn’t look very hard)
I decided that it would probably be easier if I tried to explain what I do in the hope that it would be helpful to him and maybe others as well. So here goes. Sorry but this is for Photoshop CC and Windows. I’m sure most of this can be done in PSCS6 and most of the commands are the same with Crapple… more

Processing for Birds – Replacing a blown Sky

I was asked recently on one of my posts how I replaced a blown sky. Here is my solution to the problem. It’s not the perfect answer but is how I do it, and it could probably be done a number of different ways. Sorry this is for Photoshop, but if someone would like to change it for other software packages and post on this thread, then please do… more

Processing for Birds – Cropping

I think I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say they haven’t done any post processing because they don’t know how to.
The usual comment is ‘I have a copy of Photoshop (insert version here) but when I open it the interface is very busy and I don’t know where to start’
Taking this into account, I thought I would try to go over my workflow for Bird Photography, but explaining each part of the process and the alternatives that are available… more

Processing for Birds – Workflow for Noise Reduction using Neat Image

I decided to write a description of my noise reduction workflow in the hope that it helps someone.  I don’t do any noise reduction in Lightroom or Photoshop as I don’t think they are very good.  Just my opinion and others will probably disagree. I use the Photoshop plugin of Neat Image and this is my workflow… more

Processing for Birds – Sharpening halos and how to remove them

Whenever we sharpen images we run the risk of introducing halos, especially when there is a big transition from light to dark. This can be seen clearly in the following image… more

Processing for Birds – Dodge and Burn

Sometimes you get a shot of a bird that’s in focus with good light, good perch, and good background only to be spoilt by a shadow.
The image below is ok except for the shadow of the bill.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove it… more

Processing for birds – workflow for enhancing, noise reduction, resizing and sharpening for the web

I was asked in 2010 to describe my workflow and tips for processing the images from the camera. This is my revised workflow, it’s not perfect and many will think it’s too much effort, but each to their own.  This is written for Lightroom and Photoshop but could easily be done in other software packages.  It takes me less than 30 seconds to process for the web after I generated the action so I personally think it’s very little effort. If anyone has any suggestions for improving it or even totally changing it for the better, then please do so in the comments. I have started from the point where the images are downloaded from the camera. So… more

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