Site Updates 28/12/17

Well I’ve finally got around to updating the site.

  1. I’ve increased the number of slides on the Home screen, this and a few more.

Green-backed Heron – Grenada

2. The Fauna section now has Wildlife of Britain, Costa Rica and Kenya added, again this and more


3. I’ve tried to use the galleries by Supsystic and they were giving problems.  Supsystic solved the problems for which I was very grateful but in the meantime I looked at an alternative and came across WP Photo Album Plus which seems to do everything I want and mostly in the way I want it.


Also started to reprocess some of the images as I’ve improved my processing for the web.  Have started with New Zealand, which is a fairly small gallery.  Even though it only takes a small amount of time per image, when you’ve posted over 3000 images it does take a long time to reprocess them all.

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