A trip to Goa and Birds of Goa gallery now completed

The 1st few days were overcast and the temperature didn’t get too high, the rest of the time was extremely hot with no clouds

Generally  I did most photography during the 500m walk to the beach along a quiet lane and sat on a sunbed.

I had one morning trip out to the largest lake in Goa but it wasn’t very productive.

We did a boat trip that took a few hours but only managed to get a few shots as the beer was flowing freely 😉

We also stayed overnight at a tented beach camp which was very quiet and provided the best birdwatching of the whole Goa trip and a sighting of the local monkeys.

Here is a list of Birds seen

Asian Brown Flycatcher                  *                                            Asian Koel                                        $

Asian Openbill Stork                        *                                           Barn Swallow

Bar-tailed Godwit                                                                         Black Drongo                                    *

Black Kite                                                                                      Black-headed Ibis                            *

Black-rumped Flameback                                                            Black-winged Stilt

Blue-faced Malkoha                       *                                            Blue-tailed Bee-eater                     $

Blyth’s Reed Warbler                      *                                           Brahminy Kite

Bronze-winged Jacana                   *                                           Brown Shrike                                    *

Brown-headed Gull                         *                                           Cattle Egret

Common Sandpiper                                                                    Coot

Cotton Pygmy-goose                      *                                           Curlew

Glossy Ibis                                                                                   Golden Oriole

Great Egret                                                                                 Greater Coucal                                 *

Greater Flameback                          *                                         Greater Sand Plover

Greenshank                                                                                Grey Heron

Grey-headed Swamphen *                                                         Gull-billed Tern

House Crow                                                                                Indian Blackbird                               *

Indian darter                                     *                                         Indian Paradise Flycatcher              *

Indian Peafowl                                 *                                          Indian Pond Heron                          $

Kingfisher                                                                                    Lesser Sand Plover

Lesser Whistling-duck                     *

Little Cormorant                              *                                           Little Egret

Little Green Bee-eater                    $                                           Long-tailed Shrike                           *

Moorhen                                                                                      Oriental Magpie Robin

Pacific Golden Plover                                                                  Purple Heron

Purple-rumped Sunbird                   $                                          Redshank

Red-vented Bulbul                                                                      Red-whiskered Bulbul                     *

Reef Heron                                                                                 Shikra                                              $

Spotted Dove                                                                             Stork-billed Kingfisher

White-bellied Sea-Eagle                                                            White-browed Wagtail                     *

White-throated Kingfisher                                                          Wire-tailed Swallow                        *

I saw a total of 61 different birds of which 23 were lifers (*) plus 6 that were Photographed lifers ($)

During the 2 weeks I took 1652 photographs of which 1375 Photographs were kept

Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus

So far about 100 photos have been processed.  I process twice, once for this website and Photocamel at 1200px and Once for Flickr at 1600px.  Over time I will probably process another 50 shots.

© 2003-2021 Kevin B Agar

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